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Mogeko Castle is a "prosciutto adventure game" made by Mogeko (Deep-Sea Prisoner) in RPG Maker VX Ace. It's not an RPG, there are no battles, and story is totally linear.


Yonaka Kurai, an extremely ordinary high schooler. She takes the usual train home.

Though it's all ordinary, today is somewhat special. Today, her beloved brother comes home.

But when she wakes, the train has stopped at an unfamiliar station...


Mogeko rates this game "ages 15 and up. (This rating is Japan-centric and would likely be more strict by other countries' standards; 18 and up may be more appropriate). It is very violent and contains instances of implied sexual assault, with the bad endings being some of the most severe parts."Edit

WARNING: This wiki contains major and minor spoilers in the game. We recommend to browse here after finishing the game or playing a minimal time of gameplay once.

Downloads and LinksEdit

Japanese (Original)Edit - Download. Official Website (Japanese)

English (Vgperson)Edit or - Download. - Official Website (English)

繁體中文 (Sikiv)Edit or - Download. - Official Website (繁體中文) 

 簡体中文 (丝绮拉工作室)Edit - Download. - Official Website (簡体中文)

Español (Tsumin)Edit - Download. - Official Website (Español)

русский язык (Batkovich Team)Edit or!C9QUVISJ!2hQO-FroOpsrRBx46PHJbl5l1qROwWZGNDwW7OLk0To - Download. - Official Website (русский язык)

Português (Zero Corpse)Edit - Download. - Official Website (Português)

Italiano (Rupicola Team)Edit - Download. - Official Website (Italiano)

Instalation of the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is required to play. Edit - RTP Download.

RPGHub is recommended to play on a Mac. (Please report any issues with RPGHub to RPGOSX)Edit - RPGHub Download.

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