Mogeko Castle Gaiden: "General Hashasky's Great Adventure" is a game that Mogeko (Deep-Sea Prisoner) is planning to make. This game might be decided to be made or canceled (Now now before you say something mean to our god, yes it is 2017 and it isn't released yes, YES I'M FUCKING TIRED OF WAITING but let's all respect Deep-sea prisoner senpai <3 and wait patiently a little bit more) Before y'all freak out, the reason behind this is that there are some other games that Mogeko has also planned and is developing: Carnival Rhythm and The End of the Wonderland. The trailer can be seen in the end of the game and in the Bonus Room.


Mogeko Castle Gaiden Trailer ENG-141812390501:19

Mogeko Castle Gaiden Trailer ENG-1418123905

Mogeko Castle Gaiden trailer ( Español)01:43

Mogeko Castle Gaiden trailer ( Español)


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