Like in any game, Mogeko Castle has endings as well. There are a total of 8 (?) Bad Endings and 2 'Good' Endings.

Bad EndingsEdit

There are various Bad Endings that you can get in the game. Make sure you save the game so that if you get a Bad Ending you can try again in the last checkpoint you saved in.

Normal EndingEdit

終:normal end

Yonaka goes to the door "Path of Paradise". It then shows memories of Yonaka when she goes back home. She then meets her brother (who is already insane ) and stabs him. Back at Mogeko Castle, Moge-ko asks King mogeko for Yonaka's whereabouts. King mogeko says that Yonaka had already escaped. Moge-ko becomes upset until Yonaka suddenly appears behind Moge-ko. Moge-ko is happy that Yonaka has been found. Yonaka says nothing, and it makes Moge-ko angry. Yonaka says "Huffspray" and the next scene Moge-ko has fainted, implying that Yonaka has rendered her unconscious with the insecticide. King mogeko is surprised, but Yonaka confirms that she did not kill Moge-ko. Instead, she kills King mogeko. Yonaka swings her knife and starts removing King mogeko's head. King mogeko's screams and cries are heard, but soon he is decapitated and disemboweled. Yonaka wears King mogeko's scalp and her eyes become red. Yonaka then declares that now she is the "King" of the land, renames the castle, and rules the land. One of Mogeko refuses Yonaka's decision. Yonaka threatens him with "Huffspray" and begins evilly laughing at the Mogekos' distress. Yonaka is then suddenly possesed by Lord Prosciutto, and she awakens as a God. Yonaka, as Lord Prosciutto, forgives all the Mogekos' sins and rules the Mogeko country justly. Divine light baths Mogeko Kingdom and peace comes upon the world.

How to AchieveEdit

Kill at least one of the special Mogekos.

True EndingEdit


Yonaka takes the "Path of Falsehood". Like the normal ending, Yonaka finds herself taking the train back home When she arrives, she find that her brother has already killed their parents. Yonaka then stabs Shinya. Yonaka asks why Shinya didn't dodge, and Shinya answers that he wanted end it all. Shinya then regains his sanity, and says "I'm Back." before he dies. Yonaka then says "Good Night..." And she realizes that she is very happy right now. The credits then roll on. After the credits goes, the epilogue plays, just like in the beginning of the game when a Mogeko is telling the ending of a bedtime story. It is revealed that the one who is listening to the story is Yonaka herself. The screen then goes black for a second and turns to a very cruel place; the Mogeko is now faceless, the window is showing something very alike with Hell, and the room turns red. The Mogeko's face then turns again to just having one eye and no mouth. The Mogeko laughs after saying that Yonaka can never escape.

How to AchieveEdit

Do not kill any of the special Mogekos or complete the Normal Ending and continue.

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